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To all our families, a big welcome back to school. Some of you may know that we started whole class meditation last year in Term 4. It is Christian meditation. We start with 3 rings of a bell. Then we meditate silently for 3 minutes, trying to  stay calm and just concentrate on our breathing. If our mind wanders to outside things we come back to the present moment by repeating a meaningful word over and over a few times. Our word is something that helps us appreciate God eg. Father, Lord, Mara-na-tha (a Christian meditation word).

We do this at least 3 times a week after lunch. Some classes do it every day. It’s a lovely way of feeling the peace and presence of God in our lives. This could also be a family bed time activity for a prayer and peaceful sleep. Why not try it, your children can lead you.


Remembrance Day 2013


Lest we forget.

Our Global World


UNICEF day for children by Liesel,Sabrina,Michelle.P from Liz Mills on Vimeo.

Whole school Meditation


Whole School Meditation


Next week we are starting whole school Christian meditation. This will be on Wednesday to Friday afternoons at 2pm. It is 3 minutes of silence and stillness to focus our minds and pray together as a community. Families could also try this at home.

Day of Prayer for Peace


A beautiful day of prayers and music happened in the Church on Wednesday September 11. Thanks to all of the staff, students, family members and parishoners who came along.

Dear Lord, We ask that you bless us all as instruments of your peace. Amen.

We went to Nottingham


Our Catholic Faith

We visited churches in England, Spain and France. Here are some of the signs and symbols of God’s presence, that we found.
Which one can you see God in the most?

Confirmation 2013


Last night Confirmation candidates and their families and some sponsors, met in the Church to prepare for the Sacrament. We spent time getting to know each other, learning more about Pentecost, signs and symbols and the 7 Sacraments. Can you name the 7 Sacraments?
The ceremony for Confirmation is on Friday 23rd August at 6.45 in the Church. We pray for the candidates.



This week we have had a class Mass for Foundation students and their families. The children prayed about creation and the wonderful gifts we have in the world. They presented baskets of artwork and newly planted seeds.

Let us pray. Thank you God for the wonders in our world, like the sea, sky, clouds, water, plants and flowers, animals and humans. We Praise You Creator God and give You thanks. Amen.

Religious symbols


Hello everyone, Have you noticed all the signs of God we have in our school? There are lots of religious symbols. How many can you see and where can you find them?

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